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HL 29 - Report from Gameweek 05


Holidays ahead

Beloved Hebe crowd,

Before we get back to business after a first holiday break, let us go back to what happened in our last game day of HL 29 in order to refresh some memories and to shake off the rust.

 In Division 1, Einsteinians keep pushing forward after a convincing 5-3 overall win Vs. Cyprus FC. While everything was still in the balance at halftime with a 1-1 draw, Paul Ferrier geared up with a hattrick to tilt the balance in favor of his team with 3 points and an uncontested win as a result. El Santo Sheiks also came out on top of Orcs in Black 4-2 overall with an improved performance in the second half. While the 2-2 halftime tie didn’t satisfy any of the two teams, Guillermo Pascual completed his hattrick to unlock the situation and to go home with further 3 points. Schaerbeek Bombers are finally finding their marks in this division with an overall win 5-1 Vs. Atletico Belgique. The halftime score of 2-0 and the 2 goals of Filippo Zaniratto ease the challenge during the game. AS Soreta got an important win 2-1 overall Vs. Spiderhuggers in their quest for this championship. Everything happened in the first half with 2 goals of Alessandro Dato while the score wouldn’t evolve after that. Hangovers managed to let slip a 2-0 halftime advance in their game Vs. RHEBElions ending in a 3-3 draw while Los Chorizos Bionicos couldn’t maintain their 1-0 halftime lead Vs. Sublime Porte and ultimately had to share the points in a 3-3 final result.

In Division 2, Los Patos Hermanos turned things around in their win 6-4 overall Vs. Arena Bxl after trailing 1-2 at halftime. Sebastien Van Doren was certainly heavily involved in this win with 4 goals to the despair of his opponents. Brussels Sprouts are also digesting very well their promotion with a convincing 5-3 overall win Vs. Huehue FC that was already taking shape at halftime and a 2-0 lead. Amal Boulakjar with 2 goals did his part to secure the 3 points. The Running Dead shook off their initial loss with a conclusive 3-1 overall win Vs. Spartak Zizou. They managed to extend their 1-0 halftime lead thanks to 2 goals of Concalo Carrico. The positive run came to an end for Serdica having been defeated 4-2 overall by Benchwarmers. Everything was still possible at the break given the 1-1 tie, but Keli Brugali with 2 goals was the player who made the difference in the end for the Benchwarmers. Expected Toulouse have started pretty well this season and this new convincing win 9-1 overall Vs. Futsal Croatia FC speaks for itself. The 6-0 advance at halftime showed the intensity of the game and the collective threat represented by Mared Jones (2 goals) amongst others. Skywalkers managed to get 3 points out of a very tight game Vs. Survival of the Fattest (0-0 HT) that was only settled in the second half 2-1 overall thanks to Fabien Magry amongst others.

In Division 3, Cinquantenaire United had a stunning performance Vs. FC Fig Puckers with a 8-1 overall win. The 3-0 halftime break was extended throughout the second half while Rocio Martinez was on fire with 6 goals of her own. The Lightnings also won their confrontation Vs. The Eagles 6-3 overall while amplifying their 2-0 halftime cushion thanks to Hippolyte Courbois and his 4 goals.

Finally, in Division 4, newbies Los Cafeteros FC beat Eaglebrussels 3-1 overall in a game that they turned around in the second half thanks to a collective effort. The 1-0 deficit at halftime was a trigger to bounce back under the impulsion of Valentino Taborda amongst others.

See you soon on the pitch for new exploits !

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