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HL 29 - Report from Gameweek 03 - 04


Getting there!

Dear Hebe crowd,

We have had several game days in the past weeks and HL 29 is almost reaching its full capacity in order to perform at every level. In the meantime, let us dive in the latest results of HL 29 with some exciting developments.

In Division 2, Expected Toulouse is maintaining a good form after beating HueHue FC 4-3 overall after a 1-1 halftime status quo. Both teams went for it in the second half and it was a collective performance by Toulouse to score the winning goal and get the 3 points. Futsal Croatia Bxl also have secured a win Vs. Skywalkers 3-1 overall. They extended their 2-1 halftime lead with a collective effort in order to be sure to collect the 3 points at the final whistle blow. Los Patos Hermanos did not hold back while thrashing Brussels Sprouts with a 9-1 overall win in which Sebastien Van Doren was particularly active with a Hattrick. The 3-1 halftime gap made clear to their opponents what it would take to change the course of action; unfortunately Los Patos didn’t falter until the end of the game, on the contrary….Survival of the Fattest went all in in the second half Vs. Benchwarmers while the game was still tied 0-0 at halftime to celebrate a 4-0 overall win in the end. Xavier Sol with 2 goals led the way for his teammates in this highly intense match. Arena Bxl, it seems, have digested their return in the 2nd division with an important win 3-2 overall Vs. The Running Dead. A collective performance that almost was for nothing had the opponents filled their 2-0 halftime deficit. Serdica is no longer hiding and performing very well this season with a 6-0 overall win Vs. Spartak Zizou while everything was still in the balance at halftime 0-0. Time chosen by Leopold Miotto to score a hattrick for his side to bring his team up to the next level.  

In Division 3, FC Fig Puckers came out victorious in their game Vs. Legislators 8-3 overall while the game was still 4-3 at halftime. Johanna Lamouris with 2 goals was also responsible for the pace change in the second half and a comfortable win in the end. The game La Vie est Belge Vs. B-United held all its promises with an overall 7-3 win for the latest guided by Carly Schwindt and her 4 goals. The 4-1 halftime gap was too big to surmount for La Vie to hope for a positive outcome in this game. Hairy Canaries conceded the defeat to the feet of Binboga in a very tight 2-1 overall game. The halftime 1-0 lead for Binboga was put at risk but a late goal by Nathan Thatpong freed the whole team. In the tightest game of the day Zlote Ptaki managed to secure a win by the smallest of margin 1-0 overall Vs. Sofobeast United in a second-half-Tiziano-Sasso-goal that would reveal itself as the winning one. In the last game of the day in this division, Galaktikos FC Vs. Soloni FC delivered a tough battle that would see a Galaktikos FC win 4-3 overall with a late winning goal by Shahzod Niyazov while both teams were tied 3-3 at halftime. The game Cinquantenaire United Vs. The lightnings unfortunately could not be finalized and therefore a win for The Lightnings was declared later in the second half.

In Division 4, La Famiglia reversed the halftime trend, being trailed 2-1, to win Vs. Wolverside FC 4-3 overall thanks to another performance and hattrick of capi Grega Grobovsek. PSG Belgique teached a lesson to newcomers CSK IL Morto in a very pleasant 8-4 overall win that was already taking shape at halftime with a comfortable 4-1 gap. Tomas Andres with his hattrick was certainly one of the driving force for his team in this game. Cercle Curie KSV managed to secure a win Vs. Los Pollos Hermanos 5-3 overall having been back-to-back at halftime 2-2. Beatriz Pozo was the x-factor for her team with 2 goals that made the difference in the second half. Those same Pollos Hermanos learned the lesson and were back on the field the next week Vs. Unathletico Brussels and this time securing a 3-3 overall tie. It didn’t look good at halftime with a 3-0 deficit but Thomas Lazo showed his team how it should be done. This came like a surprise to Unathletico Brussels having won easily the week before Vs. CSK Il Morto 6-1 overall under the leadership of Capi Enda Mc Namara with her 2 goals. The 4-0 halftime head start was taken seriously over the finish line with 3 points as reward. FC Deliciosa achieved success with a difficult win 3-2 overall Vs. Eurotrash, who thought that the 1-0 halftime advantage would lead them to victory. It was without counting on Isaline Wertz and her 2 of the game in the second half. Especially because FC Deliciosa were clearly beaten the week after by a performing EagleBrussels side 3-0 overall in which Emily Duarte scored 2 goals to lead her side 2-0 at halftime. goals to flip the coin and change the course Les Ritals FC have showed to newcomers Juventus Brussels how it is done (having been in the same spot 1 season ago) with a 5-1 overall victory that was already taking shape at halftime with a 3-0 lead. Marco Musso, with 2 goals, was heavily involved in the game for his side till the final whistle. In the remaining games and week after, we have witnessed ties between Cercle Curie KSV Vs  those same Les Ritals FC 1-1 overall while Juventus Brussels Vs. Eurotrash FC ended in a 2-2 draw while each time only a goal difference at halftime.

Enjoy the week!

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