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HL 29 - Report from Gameweek 01 - 02


Here we go again!

Dear Hebe Community !

Welcome back for another exciting Hebe League 29 season starting mid-January full of promises and surpassing oneself. The count of Teams has risen up to 50 this season and we are delighted to welcome them all!

In Division 1, the reigning Champions Hangovers were surprised at the outset by AS Soreta 3-2 overall after leading at halftime 2-1. Simone Loda turned the game around for his side in the second half with 2 important goals to which Hangovers weren’t able to respond. Einsteinians too started this new campaign with an important win Vs. RHEBElions 4-3 overall having led the game from the start and responding to every goal they conceded with their own through the feet of Nico Schäffer and his hattrick. Newcomers Schaerbeek Bombers drew 2-2 with their opponents Los Chorizos Bionicos for their first game in this division responding to the 2 goals of Mariano Guillen. The score was sealed at halftime and wouldn’t evolve in the second half. On the other hand, newcomers Sublime Porte made quite an impression with a 11-4 overall win Vs. Spiderhuggers who were already in great difficulty at halftime and a 4-1 deficit. This deficit just grew bigger as Teslime Karahisarli continued scoring up to 6 goals for his team and secure the 3 points and a nice positive goal difference! The third newcomer Orcs in Black also started this campaign with a win 6-2 overall Vs. Atletico Belgique. The first half was the key to success with a 4-1 advantage that would never be in danger throughout the game. Gerard Fageda Soler with his hattrick made sure of that. Cyprus FC have not yet digested the end of their reign in Division 1 and did not start this season on the right foot after loosing 8-4 overall Vs. El Santo Scheiks despite being in front at halftime 3-2. The fault to Gianluca Fugone and his hattrick to reverse the trend and claim the 3 points.

In Division 3, the level of competition is rising constantly making predictions on promotion / relegation at the end of the season almost impossible. FC Fig Puckers managed to have a good start after winning 2-1 overall Vs. The Eagles in a very tight game. Only one goal ahead at halftime was the difference while Marcel Kovacs’ winning goal in the second half secured the 3 points of the victory in the end. La Vie est Belge had an easier start Vs. Binboga in their 5-0 overall victory that was already taking shape after 25’ min and the 2-0 lead at the break. Susana Magano with her 2 goals was part of the collective effort provided by the team in order to start the campaign on the right foot. Galaktikos FC also are looking already towards Division 2 with a solid win 4-3 against a battle-hardened B-United side. The halftime score 3-2 already was an indication on how tight the game could be and it was only the second goal of Jefferson Messias who was in the end the winning one. Sofobeast United came out on top in their confrontation Vs. Legislators and a 3-1 overall win thanks to Elisa Vargas Amelin and her 2 goals. The gap was already made at halftime and the 2-0 advantage that was too hard to catch up in the end. Hairy Canaries and Zlote Ptaki parted way in a 4-4 overall tie that was decided in the last seconds of the game and a penalty of Kelsey Perlman (4) for her side. she saved one point for the Canaries who had fallen behind 2-4 during the second half while the score was tied 2-2 at the break. Finally, Cinquantenaire United also parted way 3-3 overall with Soloni FC after having been in front 3-2 at halftime. Shane Egan with 2 goals managed to save a precious point for his side before the final whistle.  

In Division 4, the game of the week saw 2 “newbies” competing against each other in which Wolverside FC beat Los Cafeteros FC 1-0 overall. Everything happened in the second half with the only goal scored by Kadir Eryoruk for his side. The trashing performance of this day saw PSG Belgique beat La Famiglia 10-4 overall. The amplitude of the scoreline was already perceptible at halftime with a 4-1 gap that only grew bigger under the impulse of Maria Mikhaylenko and her 6 goals later on.

Have a nice week!  

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