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HL 28 - Report from Gameweek 02


Goals, goals and goals!

Dear Hebe followers,
The second weekend of Hebe competition was held on a beautiful car-free Sunday and most of the 1st games for every team have been completed at this stage.

In Division 1, some early “clashes” between top teams did take place such as an attractive Cyprus FC Vs AS Soreta which ended in a 3-1 victory for Cyprus FC overall. Evangeli Bangura managed to crack the Soreta Nutshell in the second half twice - having desperately tried in the first half without success and therefore still a difficult & scoreless game at halftime. Skywalkers and Hangovers started their season with a back-to-back draw 4-4 overall. Skywalkers hoped they had done the biggest part in the first half leading 3-2 at the break but, like often, the resilience of Hangovers paid off in the end with a saving intervention of Petra Soderquist and her 2 goals to secure the first point for each side. Another tight game in this division was played between Atletico Belgique & Scheiks d’El Santo ending in a 4-3 overall win for Atletico who were already ahead at halftime 3-2 but had to earn their 3 points throughout the game in the face of their opponent’s determination to reverse the course of things. Berta Cava’s double pack was the difference between both teams in this confrontation. In another tight game we witnessed the first win for the new formed Spiderhuggers Vs. Arena Bxl 2-1 overall who managed to overcome an initial 0-1 halftime deficit led by Eduardo Coutinho and his decisive goal. The game that stood out so far in this division was the one between RHEBElions Vs Einsteinians which ended with a comfortable Einsteinian victory 10-3 overall. This score line was already largely in their favor at halftime with a 4-0 lead that was extended throughout the game by Sarin’s Vitalij hattrick.

In Division 2, most of the games were held on this day too announcing a wild battle at every stage of the division. A couple of very tight games to start the season with a 1-0 victory from promoted Schaerbeek Bombers Vs. saved Serdica throught the feet of Andrea Di Masi in the first half while B-United overpowered Zlote Ptaki 3-2 while being trailed 0-1 at halftime. Issam Al Karkouri was bursting past the defense in the second period to secure the overall win. The game Sublime Porte Vs. Orcs in black came alive in the second half – after a scoreless first half and saw Orcs claiming the victory in a dramatic 4-3 win led by Romero Nazareth with a double pack. Legislators had the same approach in their game Vs. HueHue FC than last time being trailed 0-1 at halftime before waking up in the second and winning it in the end 5-2 thanks to a hattrick from James Holland…I guess a new tactic for the season? Survival of the fattest didn’t use the same tactic and went on busting their opponents Expected Toulouse in a 3-0 halftime lead before managing the rest of the game with a 4-2 overall victory. Léo Amiel with his double pack was as his best in this game. Finally, we had also a large victory in this division by the “feet” of Los Patos Hermanos Vs. The Running Dead and a 10-3 overall victory that didn’t look like it during the first 25 minutes and “only” a 4-2 advance at the break. Once again, the ducks could rely on their serial scorer Alisha Sesum with 4 goals to increase the lead.

In Division 3, a couple of games ended up in sharing points with draws between Cinquantenaire United Vs. Benchwarmers where both teams didn’t give up being back-to-back at halftime 1-1 and ended with a 2-2 draw while Futsal Croatia FC Vs. FC Fig Puckers ended up 3-3 overall after also being back-to-back 2-2 at halftime. Soloni FC managed to beat The Eagles in a thrilling 5-4 overall win while being trailed 2-3 at halftime. But it was without counting on Geoffrey Luyten and his 4 goals to secure the win! Sofobeast United were also on the winning side after their victory 6-3 overall against La Vie est Belge while everything was still in the balance at halftime with a 2-2 draw. Time chosen by Giorgios Moschonas to pull out a magical hattrick out of his boots and a comfortable win in the end. Division 3 also had its blasting score line in the game Eurotrash FC Vs. Brussels Sprouts and a 3-14 overall victory for the latest. The 6-1 lead at halftime was already presuming of a walk in the park but Arthur Bilangna made sure of it with his 4 goals leaving no hope of a come back to the other side.

In Division 4 we saw a lively resumption of the competition recording the first win for La Famiglia Vs. Unathletico Bruxelles 3-1. Everything was settled at halftime with a double pack of Halid Belic and the score didn’t evolve in the second half. We also saw the first win of newcomer Galactikos FC Vs. FC Deliciosa 4-2 overall and a comfortable lead at halftime 3-0 with Capi Siddarth Gundu showing the way with his double pack while Binboga managed to master Les Ritals FC in a 3-2 overall victory which started to take shape in the second half after the 1-1 halftime status quo. Samet Guler was surely thanked by his teammates for producing his vital double pack during the game. Finally, our other newcomers The Lightnings shared the points 4-4 against FC Samnites United in their first game of the campaign having been trailed by 2 goals 2-4 at halftime and earning this first point thanks to the hattrick of Léon Courbois!

Wish you a happy week!




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