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HL 27 - Report from Gameweek 10


It's Springtime!

Another glorious Sunday in our Hebe League 27 while celebrating the start of springtime!

In Division 1, Cyprus FC are back on track for the title after their little slip last week that has been erased quickly on Sunday. As a matter of fact, beating Survival of the Fattest 11-1 overall, with a comfortable lead 6-0 at half-time, combined with the forfeit of AS Soreta against Spartak Zizou, means that they are back at the top of the division. Evangeli Bangura with 5 goals was on fire for the champs during the game! Spider FC are maintaining their form, this time against Skywalkers with a 4-2 overall victory while everything was still in the balance in a 2-2 draw. Time chosen by Amina Tailouti to muscle the game and score a double pack to snatch the victory for her team. Other team in form is The Hangovers with another victory 4-1 against Einsteinians where both teams were even 1-1 at half-time before Hangovers started pushing and Fabien Roux scoring. El Santo Sheiks is back on track as well with a convincing win against Atletico Belgique 8-3. They had opened the gap before half-time and a 4-1 lead before closing the lid in the second half and a hat-trick from Gianluca Fugone. The Treehuggers keep forfeiting their games, this time against RHEBElions, and there’s no indication this will stop before the end of the season unfortunately.    

In Division 2 we saw an awakening of the teams’ lower down which is making the race for relegation / maintaining even more interesting than it already was. Good operation for The Running Dead who beat The Legislators 6-1 with a break away 3-0 at half-time and a double pack for Alina Rotariu. This provides them 3 vital points in the final sprint. FC Fig Puckers also played their cards beautifully in order to beat direct rivals B-United 4-2 to hope avoiding relegation. As the previous game, they also had a break away before half-time 3-0 which gave them some quiet time later on to secure 3 long expected points. Bendeguz Nagy with his double pack had a big role to play in this victory. The only team that didn’t manage to take advantage of the momentum was Serdika who got beaten by Los Chorizos Bionicos who are not taking their foot off the pedal to be promoted again to division 1 at the end of the season. Even if it was a tight defeat 0-3 and 0-1 at half-time, Serdika has put in a creditable performance but couldn’t stop Alexander Sjödin (Chorizos) from scoring. The leading trio in Division 2 is further composed by Arena Bxl who didn’t let a single chance to HueHue FC with a final score of 12-2 and already a 7-0 lead at half-time! Pietro Lipano was on fire and managed to score 4 goals for his team. Last team to be part of the Trio is Turx&Plux who had to fight for their victory against courageous Zlote Ptaki 6-1 (2-0 half-time score) and relied on their running machine that is Imen Jaghou with all 6 goals. Finally little bumper for Los Patos Hermanos who lost their game against Orcs in Black 3-5 and see the leading trio move away. Only on goal separated both teams at half-time, 3-2 for the Orcs, but well helped by Karinge Githinji with 2 goals to maintain the lead throughout the game.    

In Division 3 Hairy Canaries celebrated a tight victory against Cercle Curie KSV 3-2 while the game was tied 1-1 at half-time. Time chosen by Lucas Molinier to score a goal that proved to be vital in the end. Soloni FC too managed to get a win out of their confrontation with Paranoika on the same score. Only difference was the tie at half-time 2-2. Geoffrey Luyten with his double pack gave the necessary advantage to his team to get off with 3 points. Expected Toulouse self-reassured themselves after winning against Eurotrash FC. A clean sheet 3-0 while the score at half-time was already 2-0 and Jesper Veber showing the way for his team with a double pack makes Eurotrash FC slip into the relegation zone. Schaerbeek Bombers on the other side of the table keep on winning, this time beating Futsal Croatia FC, and showing strong mental capacities while turning around a half-time 1-0 deficit into a 3-1 overall win. Susana Caramazana provided a great relief to her team with her decisive double pack. Sublime Porte are level with The Bombers after drawing their game 5-5 against tenacious Sofobeast United. Sublime Porte couldn’t hold on to their slight 2-1 half-time advantage. Neither Fatih Özcelik (Sublime) nor Zafiroula Christidou (Sofobeast) with a double pack each could give their teams the desired 3 points.

In Division 4, three games ended with a draw on Sunday. On one side FC Deliciosa and Les Ritals FC drew 1-1 although Les Ritals FC had a slight one goal advantage at half-time. On the other side Binboga and RMP FC couldn’t break the deadlock and the game ended on the same score as half-time 2-2. The last game of the day between The Eagles and La Vie est Belge provided a very entertaining 5-5 draw overall. Both teams couldn’t secure a win; even at half-time the score was 1-1. Nor Manuel Galeiras (Belge / 3 goals) nor Aurora Hoxha (Eagles/ 2 goals) were able to claim the victory for their team. PSG Belgique took advantage of this situation to defeat EagleBrussels in a 4-2 overall victory that was already taking shape in the first half and a 4-0 lead after 25 minutes. Maria Mikhaylenko was the key to victory by scoring all 4 goals for PSG. FC Samnites United inflicted their first defeat to the leaders of the Division Cinquantenaire United in a 2-0 overall victory. FC Samnites managed to hold on to a 1-0 half-time advantage and even managed to extend their lead in the second through Giuseppe Quarto and his double pack.

Have a nice week!

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